Rethinking short stories for your mobile life.

We created an iPhone and Android app for users to receive the 30 Stories in 30 Days for FREE*. At the end of the 30 day journey users will have a full digital published book.

Creative Storytelling

We have reached out to actor Cyrus Farmer, known for his work in CSI, Notorious, The Wire, Oz and Mela Lee, known for her work on Power, Pirates of the Caribbean, House of Lies and Gotham to bring 6 of our short stories to life. Ashanna Arthur, Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2009 reads 4 of our audio shorts and brings the authentic island voice to accent our stories.

30 Stories in 30 Days Book Trailer

The short stories are current and thought provoking. The first will launch on October 1st, with Where To Dig a Marcus Garvey Tale told by Cyrus Farmer. On October 21, Gary, which has a spin on Bill Cosby, is told by Mela Lee. Mom and Dad is October 22nd’s story with a reverse Caitlyn Jenner view told by Ashanna. The 30 days closes out with Sukunia Hill on Oct 30, a homage to Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock. Included in the 30 short stories are four Spanish stories adapted by Belén Frascaroli from Argentina, a truly international production.

Short Story Gallery

Here is the table of contents for the 30 in Thirty: Vol. 1 Short Stories. Each day starting Oct 1, we will be delivering short story through our mobile app on the Android and iPhone platform.

Join our "30 in Thirty" journey

We are putting together some amazing short stories from around the world to share with you on mobile in the future.

30 in Thirty

30 Stories in 30 Days is the first material design published book in the mobile market that incorporates this new style of design Google has been rolling out in their applications. Phills’ first published book has embraced the elements of bold colors; imagery and typography coupled with audio and video, and delivers to readers an elegant material design book experience.

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